Thursday, February 27, 2014

Check Out our New Ride

So this is our family's newest ride.  The gas mileage stinks, but the hauling capacity is amazing.  Yes, there really is a 70-ton crane sitting in my driveway right now.  Yes, my kids really were up in the cockpit driving it.  No, that wrecking ball is not meant for our house.  The house needs renovating, not demolition. 

The crane arrived this morning to take down three very large Monterrey pine trees in the backyard.  These are the same pine trees that were partial culprits in the transformer explosion when we first moved in.  That is when we decided it was time for the trees to go.  We asked the neighbors their opinion and they said "Hallelujah, we have been wanting to get rid of those trees for years."  We asked the town for a permit and they said "Sure, but first write a big check," which I did (since most things involving this house also involve writing a big check).  After 5 months waiting on the power company to do their part of the work around the power lines, the day has finally come to say good-bye to the trees.  Never fear if you are worried about the destruction of the trees, according to the arborist they were close to the end of their life expectancy, possibly had some tree disease, and we have to replant comparable trees within the next few months. 

As if the crane wasn't circus enough at the house today, the roofers were here,
too.  I haven't found a veterinarian or an optometrist since we moved, but I have a licensed roofer on speed dial.  Yes, I have my priorities right.  There was a big puddle of water in the middle of the family room last night.  We are just trying to get this old roof to hang on a bit longer until we can start renovations.  You better believe a bucket in the family room is one heck of a motivator. 

Beyond the house circus, there is our regular family circus.  Scott is out of town for the week, I am trying to get the taxes ready (argghh), and the ever popular minivan shuffle to various kid events is in full gear.  We had a week of vacation last week and I already need another vacation.  Oh well, at least I saw a rainbow this morning and was able to pretend for a few moments I was at a tropical beach. 

That is life in the stroller lane. 

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