Thursday, March 27, 2014

Welcome to MomZania!

Welcome to MomZania!  After 10 years rolling down Stroller Lane, I realized I didn't need a stroller anymore.  All my babies were running, riding, and scootering ahead of me.  Where did the path of Stroller Lane take me?  It took me to the land of MomZania.  It is a rich mix of Zany and Mania in the life of an Everyday Mom.

With this debut post from the land of MomZania, I will take a few moments to look back down Stroller Lane before the kids pull out of sight in the land of MomZania.  What do I see?  I see a trail of (OMG!!!) 20,000 diapers.  At least, that's my rough estimate.  I should have bought stock in P&G back in 2004.  I see years and years of sleepless nights, because none of my crew slept through the night until they were practically potty trained.  I see a frantic frequency cleaning spit up, throw up, and who knows what-else-up.

Ah, but I also spot first smiles and first steps.  I hear first giggles and first words.  With perfect clarity, I see the first moment I held each of my babies and the first time moment I had to let them go as big kids at school.

What a journey Stroller Lane has been! We have welcomed new family members into the world and said final farewells as other family members have gone to fly with angels.  We have moved states and schools and careers.  In between the big changes, we lived the everyday life - laundry and cooking, grown-up work and kids' homework, a little cleaning when it gets just too dirty, and most importantly time with family and friends.

I started writing Stroller Lane 10 years ago for my dad, who nearly deaf, because we couldn't talk on the phone. I would never have guessed Stroller Lane would lead to a beautiful life in California with three kids and me as a nurse.  That is the funny thing about life, you never know where it is headed.  So I sit at the entrance of MomZania not sure where things are headed, but certain that it will be full of many more hilarious tales from the land of motherhood.

That is life in MomZania.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Back to the Future

Last week I went back in time, not quite as far as Michael J. Fox in his famous movie, but definitely back to the 1980's.  The land of cash, check, and no cell phone.  My first jut back in time came Monday when the credit card company called to say our main card - the one we use for everything - had been involved in a "merchant security violation" (aka our credit card number had been stolen).  They expedited us new cards, but in the interim it was time to pull out the old, dusty check book and actually put some (gasp) cash in my wallet.  If you are like me and don't regularly see cash, it, surprisingly, still works quite well.  Checks, however, are still as much of a pain as their always were. 

My full landing back in time happened on Thursday when my cell phone was stolen.  For the better part of a week, I enjoyed life untethered from my smart phone.  If you wanted to reach me, you had to go old school and call a land line or talk to me in person.  It was totally liberating, though probably infuriating to those trying to get in touch with me.  Sorry to all whom I didn't return your messages or texts. 

Much like Michael J. Fox, I had to get back to the future.  Thanks to FedEx both new credit cards and a new phone were promptly delivered.  I arrived (somewhat) safely back in 2014, but in the Bay Area even cell phone grabbers are tech savvy.  The unscrupulous fiend immediately turned off my phone and within 24 hours had hacked my security code.  He also permanently blocked all of our security features to "find my phone" and to erase all my data.  Luckily, my cell phone isn't exactly the bastion of sensitive data, it is filled up with a collection of kids pics and classic rock, which shouldn't put us at too much risk (at least that is what we hope).

The funny thing about life in 2014 and life in pseudo 1980, they are pretty much the same.   Even without a cell phone, I managed to make appointments and get the kids the all their activities.  I even managed to pay the bills.  With all that free time away from technology, we took the training wheels off of Mick's bike and he took it from there.  He is a two-wheel riding, big boy now.  Sarah's basketball season came to a close with a big win over the other team and four baskets for Sarah.  Jaley is ready to test again in Tae Kwon Do.  Scott is off at a conference doing conferency things, like saying synergy and core competencies.  Me, I am knee deep in contractors A-Z.  From general contractors, to solar vendors, to landscape designers, I am trying to work out tons of details (aka budget) on our remodel now before we start - because it is so much cheaper to make changes on paper than during construction.  As for the Jelly Belly car, we visited the factory a couple of weeks ago.  It was a sugar high from start to finish - super fun!!!

That is life in the stroller lane.