Thursday, March 27, 2014

Welcome to MomZania!

Welcome to MomZania!  After 10 years rolling down Stroller Lane, I realized I didn't need a stroller anymore.  All my babies were running, riding, and scootering ahead of me.  Where did the path of Stroller Lane take me?  It took me to the land of MomZania.  It is a rich mix of Zany and Mania in the life of an Everyday Mom.

With this debut post from the land of MomZania, I will take a few moments to look back down Stroller Lane before the kids pull out of sight in the land of MomZania.  What do I see?  I see a trail of (OMG!!!) 20,000 diapers.  At least, that's my rough estimate.  I should have bought stock in P&G back in 2004.  I see years and years of sleepless nights, because none of my crew slept through the night until they were practically potty trained.  I see a frantic frequency cleaning spit up, throw up, and who knows what-else-up.

Ah, but I also spot first smiles and first steps.  I hear first giggles and first words.  With perfect clarity, I see the first moment I held each of my babies and the first time moment I had to let them go as big kids at school.

What a journey Stroller Lane has been! We have welcomed new family members into the world and said final farewells as other family members have gone to fly with angels.  We have moved states and schools and careers.  In between the big changes, we lived the everyday life - laundry and cooking, grown-up work and kids' homework, a little cleaning when it gets just too dirty, and most importantly time with family and friends.

I started writing Stroller Lane 10 years ago for my dad, who nearly deaf, because we couldn't talk on the phone. I would never have guessed Stroller Lane would lead to a beautiful life in California with three kids and me as a nurse.  That is the funny thing about life, you never know where it is headed.  So I sit at the entrance of MomZania not sure where things are headed, but certain that it will be full of many more hilarious tales from the land of motherhood.

That is life in MomZania.

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