Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome to Club 40!

Lordy, Lordy - today, I am 40.  On the one hand, I'm not quite sure how this has happened.  Wasn't I just turning 30?  I have been doing such a great job of "holding" at 29.  As long as you don't ask the girl who colors my hair, I don't even have any gray hair (isn't that truly amazing).

On the other hand, the last decade has been the most amazing one yet.  It has welcomed the arrival of the Harrell kid crew - Sarah, Jaley, and Mick.  Our home is never quiet and parenthood is never simple, but my kids are my greatest blessing.  This decade has also taken me on the most colorful, windy career path imaginable.  I have traveled from Cisco to my own business to an entirely new degree in nursing to my latest endeavor managing renovating our home.  I can only guess where I will land once they hammer in that last nail.  This decade even moved our family from the sunny Southeast to even sunnier California. I am embracing the California lifestyle, but y'all, I ain't giving up saying y'all.  It's just too good of a word and a part of who I am.  In between the big events were a million small moments.  I guess it was the big and small together that make the past 10 years speed through faster than a freight train.

So what am I doing to soften the end of my 30's? An entire month of celebrating has definitely done the trick.  Scott started with a surprise trip to an amazing resort in Mexico sans kids.  Jan and Mike arrived and we escaped to an amazing tropical beach paradise.  Next, my mom arrived to spoil me as only a mom can.  She has cooked my favorite treats and hung out with the kids.  She even took me shopping and told me everything looked fabulous.  Flowers arrived from my BFF, Stephanie.  The kids put on a Happy Birthday Show.  I had the most delicious birthday cake ever.  And so many friends and family wished me happy birthday on Facebook, I felt like a Rock Star.  Even Google posted a birthday cake banner that said Happy Birthday, Gigi, though it is a bit scary they know it is my birthday.  If had know joining Club 40 would be this much fun, I might have signed my pledge card a few years ago.

That is life in MomZania.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nothing Says Easter Like a Sewage Backup

How was your Easter?  The Harrell's holiday was full up several hilarious hiccups.  It all started perfectly.   Nana arrived over the weekend and surprised the kids for the holiday.  The Easter bunny bounced on through and we enjoyed candy as the main component of breakfast.  Next, dressed up in our fancy Easter clothes and even made it to church early (a first for us).  For lunch, we were off to a picnic at Big Basin Redwood State Park. We felt small and young as we arched our heads back to glimpse the 300 foot tops of these 1000 year old trees.  Then it was home for a giant ham dinner and a giant Easter Egg hunt.

It was a really a perfect Easter until...the toilet wouldn't flush.  As I tried to get the plunger, it overflowed onto the floor - YUCK.  I yanked the valve shut and started to clean up the nasty mess...when I heard Scott call out, "Honey, the tub isn't draining" as he was fishing Mick out of the bathtub.  And then, the gurgling started in the two broken showers - the two that we have never used, because they are, duh, broken.  And then, the reality sets in - our main sewer line was clogged and everything was backing up into the showers.  Oh crap (literally). The dishwasher was running, so was the washer, and the tub and kitchen sink were both full of water.  That was when the bailing began, because if we didn't bail it - it was going to spill out of the showers pretty soon.  When the bailing stopped, the second reality descended, the six of us were with no working plumbing for who knows how long.  Nana may never visit again, as I made my mother go to McDonald's for a restroom.  Mick simply "watered" the bushes.  

Good news, we are finally reentered the 18th century complete with indoor plumbing again.  It took two days and three plumbers, but they didn't have to jack hammer the driveway (which was in the discussions as the sun was setting last night).  Even better news we didn't have to pay for the repairs thanks to a handy dandy home warranty that covered this type of problem.  As an added bonus, we now have a very good story to reminisce about every Easter to come.  

That is life in MomZania.  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break Time

Spring Break was last week and the kids played all week.  There was camp and bocce ball, the movies and shopping, monopoly marathons and McDonald's feasts.  It was a week full of so much fun it could never have been orchestrated by mere parents.  That much fun requires the expert spoiling only grandparents can provide.

Yes, in honor of Spring Break Mimi and Poppa arrived last week.  We surprised the kids.  They didn't even know about the visit until they saw them standing outside of baggage claim at the airport.  The kids barely let us stop the car before they jumped out to give giant bear hugs.

With no homework or sports or much of the regular routine, the kids were free to play, play, and play some more.  And while the kids were having all that fun, Scott and I slipped away for a no-kids-allowed vacation. We can't say thanks enough for the gift of a trip away.  Scott surprised me with a trip in honor of an upcoming birthday of mine.  You can guess which one, but I will love you more if you guess it's my 29th!!!!

Now the week is over and vacation gone.  We are back to homework and laundry and all sorts of stuff none of us wants to do.  The good news is that with Spring Break over that means the next stop is Summer Vacation.  So countdown until the end of school begins, just don't count down my last few days in my 30's, those I am savoring.

That is life in MomZania!!!