Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nothing Says Easter Like a Sewage Backup

How was your Easter?  The Harrell's holiday was full up several hilarious hiccups.  It all started perfectly.   Nana arrived over the weekend and surprised the kids for the holiday.  The Easter bunny bounced on through and we enjoyed candy as the main component of breakfast.  Next, dressed up in our fancy Easter clothes and even made it to church early (a first for us).  For lunch, we were off to a picnic at Big Basin Redwood State Park. We felt small and young as we arched our heads back to glimpse the 300 foot tops of these 1000 year old trees.  Then it was home for a giant ham dinner and a giant Easter Egg hunt.

It was a really a perfect Easter until...the toilet wouldn't flush.  As I tried to get the plunger, it overflowed onto the floor - YUCK.  I yanked the valve shut and started to clean up the nasty mess...when I heard Scott call out, "Honey, the tub isn't draining" as he was fishing Mick out of the bathtub.  And then, the gurgling started in the two broken showers - the two that we have never used, because they are, duh, broken.  And then, the reality sets in - our main sewer line was clogged and everything was backing up into the showers.  Oh crap (literally). The dishwasher was running, so was the washer, and the tub and kitchen sink were both full of water.  That was when the bailing began, because if we didn't bail it - it was going to spill out of the showers pretty soon.  When the bailing stopped, the second reality descended, the six of us were with no working plumbing for who knows how long.  Nana may never visit again, as I made my mother go to McDonald's for a restroom.  Mick simply "watered" the bushes.  

Good news, we are finally reentered the 18th century complete with indoor plumbing again.  It took two days and three plumbers, but they didn't have to jack hammer the driveway (which was in the discussions as the sun was setting last night).  Even better news we didn't have to pay for the repairs thanks to a handy dandy home warranty that covered this type of problem.  As an added bonus, we now have a very good story to reminisce about every Easter to come.  

That is life in MomZania.  


LeAnne Dorris said...

Ours was a chipmunk that the cat brought in through an open window. I thought it was dead - no only injured. After hiding behind furniture leaving lovely blood streaks all over the walls, Mike finally caught it in the bathroom and released it back outside and closed the window. On a sad note, we do believe it was re-caught and consumed Monday morning. An Easter to remember. LeAnne

Gail Thomson said...

So glad you got it sorted. Brings back memories of my first week in Los Gatos (orange blossom) with no sewer line, a burst main water pipe, 100+ degrees and me at 6 months pregnant. Ah, those were the days.