Thursday, April 24, 2014

Welcome to Club 40!

Lordy, Lordy - today, I am 40.  On the one hand, I'm not quite sure how this has happened.  Wasn't I just turning 30?  I have been doing such a great job of "holding" at 29.  As long as you don't ask the girl who colors my hair, I don't even have any gray hair (isn't that truly amazing).

On the other hand, the last decade has been the most amazing one yet.  It has welcomed the arrival of the Harrell kid crew - Sarah, Jaley, and Mick.  Our home is never quiet and parenthood is never simple, but my kids are my greatest blessing.  This decade has also taken me on the most colorful, windy career path imaginable.  I have traveled from Cisco to my own business to an entirely new degree in nursing to my latest endeavor managing renovating our home.  I can only guess where I will land once they hammer in that last nail.  This decade even moved our family from the sunny Southeast to even sunnier California. I am embracing the California lifestyle, but y'all, I ain't giving up saying y'all.  It's just too good of a word and a part of who I am.  In between the big events were a million small moments.  I guess it was the big and small together that make the past 10 years speed through faster than a freight train.

So what am I doing to soften the end of my 30's? An entire month of celebrating has definitely done the trick.  Scott started with a surprise trip to an amazing resort in Mexico sans kids.  Jan and Mike arrived and we escaped to an amazing tropical beach paradise.  Next, my mom arrived to spoil me as only a mom can.  She has cooked my favorite treats and hung out with the kids.  She even took me shopping and told me everything looked fabulous.  Flowers arrived from my BFF, Stephanie.  The kids put on a Happy Birthday Show.  I had the most delicious birthday cake ever.  And so many friends and family wished me happy birthday on Facebook, I felt like a Rock Star.  Even Google posted a birthday cake banner that said Happy Birthday, Gigi, though it is a bit scary they know it is my birthday.  If had know joining Club 40 would be this much fun, I might have signed my pledge card a few years ago.

That is life in MomZania.

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