Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Spider Magnet

I have never been very fond of spiders, but we managed to live in relative harmony.  If they didn't bother me, I didn't bother them.  Simple rule and very effective until recently.  I found spiders crawling on me not once, not twice, but three times in two days.  The first time he walked right on my hand when I was driving the car, which led to a lot of screaming, some very irregular driving, and the spider scurrying away unharmed.  The second time was the next morning by the exact same spider using the exact same trick.  He walked right across my hand while I was driving the car.  Once again, there was a lot of screaming, one expletive (oops, the kids were in the car), some very irregular driving, and the spider scurrying away unharmed.  The third time was the same day right before bed when I found a big nasty spider crawling up my arm.  This time there was a whole lot of screaming, several expletives (the kids were asleep), a very spastic dance, and the spider once again scurrying away unharmed.

By that point I was starting to think I was the spider version of the Pied Piper, while simultaneously developing a new found case of arachnophobia.  Luckily, it has been a few days and I haven't been visited by anymore spiders.  My fear of all things spider is abating, but for all I know those spiders are simply lurking and waiting for me when I let my guard down.

Outside of my spider conquests, we enjoyed a great Memorial Day weekend.  We spent an evening with friends on Saturday.  We went into the city for a Giants game, though we never actually saw the game; we tried and are headed back in a few weeks for another game compliments of the Giants ticket office.  Like many of you, we made sure to get in some pool time.  Like I said, it was a great Memorial Day weekend. Now we are on the countdown to the end of school and the start of summer.

That is life in MomZania.


e24mpwr said...

Pro-tip: Harm the spiders.

Zainab said...


I always loved your blog and was happy to find it again!

I miss you and just wanted to tell you how AWESOME you are!

Please send me an email with your email address, as I have lots to share and one especially interesting story that made me smile (AFTER BAWLING) only because of one of your blog posts!

Take care <33

Zainab (from nursing school!)

My email is zariyami@gmail.com