Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Gift of Time

A wise person once said, "Time is free, but it is priceless."  How true.

For the past few years, life has been busy, really busy, crazy busy. Yes, most of this craziness was self inflicted, but it was busy nonetheless.  From nursing school, to my new career, to Scott's new job in CA, to three addresses three months, it has been very, very busy.  All that chaos, left very little time to spare.

All of a sudden, I realized I have time once again.  What a gift.  Yesterday, I called a friend and we shared a cup of coffee in the middle of the afternoon.  Today, I went for a long run.  Last weekend, we had a family picnic in the park.

This gift of time is like a rainbow in between storms.  It doesn't happen often and it won't last long; I need to enjoy it while it is here.  The renovation plans are moving along and once that starts, I will be racing like a chicken without a head once again.

For this fleeting moment, I do plan to enjoy it.  The weather is nice, school is almost out, the spring sports are finishing up, and a three-day weekend is headed our way.

That is life in a less Zany than usual MomZania.

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