Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School's Out! Happy Summer!

 School's Out and Camp is In.  

Summer Camp is underway.  Have you checked out summer camp these days?  It sure ain't the same camp I went to as a kid.  The choices are endless and the fun is infinite.  There are camps for every interest - from aeronautics to zoology and everything in between.  Even if the kids aren't going to some "special" camp, the old school "regular" camps are just as amazing.

School has only been out for few days and my kids already have an epic summer in the making.  Last week it was Circus Camp for Sarah and Jaley - complete with the trapeze, stilts, the tightrope, and so much more. Cirque du Soleil may not have called, but I sure was impressed with the skills they mastered in just one short week.  Meanwhile, Mick was working on his entomologist degree when he spent his mornings at "A Bug's Life" camp.  This week all the kids are at a VBS disguised as a CSI camp.  They are learning about DNA and fingerprints.  A speaker came in today from the Secret Service - how cool is that?  Coming up soon is spend the night camp for the girls and swim camp for Mick.  These camps are so much fun, I wish that grown-ups were allowed to go, too.  The director said only kids allowed, so Scott and I are doing less fun things like going to work and running the house.

Unfortunately, camp isn't free and the budget runs out before the summer ends, so there will be plenty of time at "Camp Home" doing exactly what I did as a kid - sleeping in late, hanging with friends, and watching entirely too much TV.

That is life in MomZania.

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