Thursday, August 14, 2014

Good Bye Buford, We Will Miss You

Today, we had to say good-bye to our fabulous cat, Buford.  We will miss him dearly, because he was one cool cat!

While we hate to see him go, we are enjoying remembering a few of the things that made him more fun and feisty than the average feline.  Buford joined our family way back in 1998 as a pound rescue.  A quick bath surprisingly revealed a rather good-looking, long-haired, red, tabby instead of the matted, grey cat we adopted.  That was just the first of many surprises with Buford.

Always an indoor-outdoor cat, and always super friendly, he was known for visiting the neighbors and "inviting" himself into their homes.  While most folks were kind enough to indulge Buford in his friendly visits, it got him into trouble occasionally, too.  One time he ended up locked in a new home for sale after he followed prospective buyers inside at a showing.  Another time he spent a day and a half in our crawl space when unbeknownst to me he followed me under the house.

Unlike some cats, Buford wasn't much of a hunter, always more of a lover than a fighter.  After he had scratched his way through the back of several couches, we decided his front claws had to go.  On the morning we were taking him to the vet, he showed up with his first (and last) mouse.  I guess he knew it was his final chance at hunting and he seized the opportunity.  The next day he was declawed and continued to be an indoor-outdoor cat until this very day.  Despite the dire warnings of one vet, he never had a problem defending himself without his claws.  Feral cats and neighborhood dogs simply didn't bother him; I guess they knew it was Buford's house and left him alone.  Of course, the lack of claws didn't take away all his spunk.  He managed to feast on a quite a few beta fish fresh from the fish bowl - sorry Mimi and Auntie Em.

And then there were all the moves.  Cats are notoriously bad at moving and travel, but Buford always took it in stride.  He was shipped as cargo, not once, but twice.  And then, there was the infamous move flight last year.  He was trekked in a car on not one, but two three-week odysseys when Scott and I were in grad school and too broke to pay to board him.  He briefly lived with my in-laws three different times and ruled the roost despite the fact they already had two cats and one Golden Retriever (Thanks again, Mimi and Poppa).  All told Buford had 10 different address during his 17+ years, and amazingly never once got lost (something we can't say that about Epy).

Best of all about Buford was his personality.  He never scratched a kid, despite having his ears and tail pulled many, many times.  He was fiesty when he was young and matured into an old cat who just wanted to be held, pet, and loved.  He would sit next to me purring for hours as I studied endlessly in nursing school.  Even when he was sick these last few months, he was still a kitten at heart.  The kids even had him chasing a bit of string last week.  And today, he was purring in my arms right before I took him to the vet.  Like I said, he was one cool cat.  Bye Buford, we will miss you dearly.

That is life in MomZania.

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