Monday, August 4, 2014

Hitting 8 at High Velocity - Happy Birthday, Jaley

Last week, my Baby Girl turned 8!  It was high velocity and high fun.  The only thing slow about Jaley's birthday was my speed in writing this post.  Her high speed birthday started a few days early with a visit to California's Great America with two friends.  A day of giant coasters and spinning adventures left the girls exhilarated and the grown-ups dizzy, but we were all smiling on the drive home.

On Jaley's actual birthday, the high octane fun continued.  We started at K1 Speed Karting.  The girls swung around the track like naturals, beating out the boys.  We may just have the next Danica Patrick in our midst.  Next, we defied gravity at the Sky High Trampoline Park.  In the evening, we finished off a great day at home dinner, dessert, and even a few gifts.  
This week, the girls are away at their very first spend the night camp.  It is an amazing YMCA camp that definitely doesn't herald from my days at camp.  The girls didn't miss a beat when we dropped them off, but honestly, I hated to say good-bye.  It is tough to let your chicks fly from the nest, if only for the week.  

It isn't just birthdays that are high speed these days, regular life is in overdrive as well.  We have been in our house a year this week, so, of course, it is time to move.  Yup, we are packing up and moving once again!!!! No joke, we are headed into temporary housing again!!! This time isn't so we can find a house, it is so we can fix up the one we've got.  We are delivering our 1959 Ranch into the 21st century.  The permits are ready to be issued and we are picking our contractor this week.  Say good-bye to the fuse box and the old pipes; soon say hello to a home that meets code. Now, the house will be my new "baby."  Like a pregnancy the process is sure to lead to a queasy stomach, sleepless nights, and probably a little high blood pressure.  And just like real babies, our home is due to arrive in about 9 months.  Unlike my real babies, I will be totally happy if this "baby" arrives way before her due date.  

 That is life in MomZania.

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