Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Kids are Asleepish

It is 9:30pm and my kids are ASLEEPISH.  It is that time after you put the kids to bed until they actually fall asleep.  It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to eternity.  Eternity being much more frequent.  They have to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom or get another drink of water or there is a boogie man in the closet or go to the bathroom again (I told you not to drink too much water) or read just one more page (That doesn't mean finish the book) or remember there is a giant homework assignment due tomorrow or the list goes on and on.  Why is going to bed so hard for kids?  I think the best thing I could ever wish for is crawling into bed every night on time and enjoying a full night of sleep.  Kids, of course, don't want to miss a moment, so the asleepish dance ensues on most nights.

The evenings aren't our only exciting time of day, the days are also a twirling spin of suburbia.  Scott is back on the road with back to back trips.  The kids' fall activities are in full swing so the minivan would be hitting platinum if it could collect frequent flier miles.  There have been camp outs and Fall Festivals and pumpkin decorating all in preparation for 10/31.  Sarah is off to the overnight 5th grade field trip through the end of the week.  How cool is that!

Then there is the house.  There is always the house.  Every day I make new decisions.  Exciting decisions, like what are we going to do with the big pile of dirt in the backyard?  Albeit, each decision is one decision closer to the finish line.  The finish line is nowhere in sight.  Demolition is long finished.  The footings are in and the center support beam is up.  Floor joists are being placed and framing is quickly moving along.  The hope is to get the house water tight before the rains come.  It is a race and we will see who wins. Yesterday, it was one point for team rain with afternoon showers.  Today, it was one point for team house with bright blue skies.

That is life in MomZania.

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