Thursday, February 19, 2015

Darling, Moms are a Daydream, Dressed Like a Nightmare

I was driving carpool the other afternoon, surprise, surprise.  A Taylor Swift song came on the radio, surprise, surprise.  As I was listening, there was one line that struck me.  I (and many moms) are the exact opposite.

Darling, moms aren't a nightmare dressed up like a daydream. No, moms are a daydream dressed up like a nightmare.

Moms volunteer and bring treats for Valentine's; we schedule the kids and help with the homework; we cook the dinners and do the shopping.  While we are doing all those daydreamy things for our families we often look, quite honestly, like a nightmare.

A friend showed me a picture of the shoes she wore all day yesterday - they didn't match!  Another friend just finished a home renovation, she said she needed to stop wearing "her construction clothes" since her home was finally free of drywall dust.  They reminded me of the time I walked around for half day with my pants inside out.   I find myself getting ready for bed still wearing the workout clothes I had put on for a quick morning jog.  I never did get around to putting on proper clothes and, often, didn't even get around to the run.  I have one pair of sexy, skinny jeans.  The rest of my jeans come right from the mom jeans hall of fame.

That is simply the wardrobe, don't even get me started about make-up and hair.  I am claiming my uncoiffed hair and bare skin is part of the natural California lifestyle.  I'm not sure if anyone believes me or not.  I know I really don't care.

The more I think of it, being "dressed like a nightmare" is something to be proud of - it's all part of the mom job. Throw-up and bloody noses are not meant to be dealt with in your Sunday finest. Yes, I have dealt with both of those this week.  It turns out my yoga pants (that have never been to a yoga class) are amazingly stain resistant.

This week, my kids are off school for winter break and the temperatures are hitting record highs.  I recognize the tremendous irony as the rest of the country tries to go to school fighting actual winter blizzards.  Sorry to all my friends freezing their backsides in the East.

We were hanging out around town and enjoying the weather until flu entered the picture.  We are hoping it sticks to just one of us - bring on the Purell.  It has been a tough winter.  First, whooping whooping cough and, now, influenza - for a family who immunize we aren't getting lucky.  Hopefully, everyone will be feeling well soon.

That is life in MomZania.

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Roger said...

You are right about the temperature ! It was negative 1 degree overnight here. I hope you are all well. Much love to you all.