Monday, February 2, 2015

Renovation Update - 5 months and Counting

"The road to success is always under construction."  --Lily Tomlin

And the home under construction is a never ending road.  We are now 5 months into construction (and 15 months since we started drafting plans).  Despite the long road, we (meaning our awesome contractor team) are putting our house back together again.  Today was a big day - drywall arrived.  It isn't actually on the walls, but in theory it will be someday.

So goes our home renovation.  Now that there is no rain forecasted for the foreseeable future, we are water tight.  We are complete with windows, doors, and that all important roof.  Yup, all that heavy rain in California last month didn't fall on our house, it fell in our house.  We, now, also have electrical and plumbing.  Unlike the original 1959 electrical and plumbing, all the new stuff will not only work - but work safely and without flood or fire risk - yippee!!!  I never thought I would do a cheer for grounded electrical, but go ahead and "give me a G."

What is on the horizon for our construction project?  By my guess, about 7,438,102 more decisions.  Fun ones, like concrete vs decomposed granite and HVAC registers.  We were brilliant to buy a spec home last time.  If I didn't like something in our last house, I could simply complain about some stranger who made every decision.  If I don't like something in this house, I will have to complain about myself, something I would prefer not to do.

Good news, after living in the pre-construction house and now in our less than fabulous rental, the bar to please me is pretty low.  Our current rental only has heat in half the house and I have to vacuum every 3 days to pick up the large pile of saw dust the termites have dropped into the family room.  Honest to God, no exaggeration.

Outside of construction, life goes on.  The highlight was a visit from Nana last week.  While she spent much of her time being dragged to construction meetings, we did manage to sneak into San Francisco for a day.  She also hung out with kids and spoiled all of us.  Scott is finishing up a 12-day business trip and even had to speand his birthday on the road. We will celebrate with him when he gets home, hoping it is better late than never.  Sarah and Mick are both playing basketball.  Sarah's team is really impressive.  Mick's 5-year old team is hilarious.  It is too much fun to watch this gaggle of kindergartners trying to dribble and shoot.  Jaley just advanced to purple belt in Tae Kwon Do and is now part of the demo team, which is awesome.  Just to round out the busy schedule, Girl Scout cookies sales start in just 48 hours.

That is life in MomZania.

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Delores Ensley said...

Can you post a link to the final outcome?
Delores Ensley