Tuesday, April 7, 2015

What Happens to the Easter Bunny in the Bathroom?

It was 8AM on Easter morning and the kids were already cranked up on a sugar high.  Mick asks, "What happens to the Easter Bunny in the bathroom?"  Promptly answering his own question, "The Easter Bunny poops jelly beans."

LOL, sounds about right to me.

I hope your Easter was as much fun as ours.  We spent our holiday hanging low.  We dressed up in the morning and spent the afternoon watching movies and hunting eggs.

Our quiet Easter is setting the tone for our entire Spring Break.  We are spending the week in town; no exotic vacations for us.  We are just chillaxing at home. The last few months have been a sprint and the next few look about the same. This week's pace is more of a leisurely stroll.  The kids and I even went to the movies today.

In the hectic pace of life today, I hope you enjoy a similarly paced week soon.

That is life in MomZania.

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