Thursday, May 21, 2015

Too Many Parties - It must be the End of an Overscheduled School Year

Let me be the one to say it, I am tired of celebrations.  Don't get me wrong, I love a party, but there can be too much of a good thing.  It is the countdown to summer and there have been so many end of year/season/school/fill in the blank events I can't keep up.  I think I should just keep a pack of cupcakes in the car so I am ready at all times.

I could blame this overabundance of jubilation on many things, but I just need to look in the mirror to find the culprit.  I, the mom whose mantra is "don't over schedule the kids," have kids who are woefully over scheduled.  It is just so hard to say no.  Piano is good and so is Girls On the Run and so is AWANA at church and so is Taekwondo.  What isn't good is all of them at the same time.  Until this week, Jaley had activities 6 days a week - she is 8.  What was I thinking?

Here we are at the end of the school year and the end of all the activities.  We have celebrated by camping at the beach and camping in the mountains.  We have spray painted our hair and ran a 5K.  We have eaten mountains of cupcakes, ice cream, and pizza.  We have gotten our medals and our awards and tucked them away to get dusty.  We have volunteered for field day and dressed up like pioneers for Apple Valley.  We have finished our Georgia State Report our Pink Dolphin Marine Mammal Project and been the Special Student of the Week.  We checked out a year's worth of work at the school open house and were oriented during middle school orientation. We have been to the student art show and paid for the 5th grade picnic.  We have even become starfish and dolphins at swim lessons. While we may be partied out, Scott and I are simultaneously impressed by all these events and wondering how things got so darn busy.

With the promise of lazy summer days approaching, I will resolve not to over schedule the kids next year.  And when Jaley or Sarah or Mick asks to play soccer or play the flute or join the debate team or tryout for the school play, I will probably say yes, yes, yes, and yes all over again.  Saying yes is often much easier than saying no.  Bring on the awards and ice cream, I am off to 5th Grade Music Performance in just a few minutes.

That is life in MomZania.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Home Sweet...Where is my toothbrush?

We made it.  We moved again.  Unlike our last three moves, this one went relatively smooth.  There were no lost pets or trips to the ER.  There were no broken down trucks or bathing cats at the airport.  There were no Tropical Storms or my only clothing accidentally sent to long-term storage.  It went about as smoothly as moving can go, which means it sucked, but we survived.


Ten days into our new and improved home and we are somewhat settled, but are still unpacking.  It took me two days to find my toothbrush and even longer to find my clothes.  The stuff I want is always the hardest to find.  No problem finding my high school year book or my St. Patrick's Day banner, but good luck finding the silverware.

I figure if I take it one box at a time, I should finish up by the time Mick goes to college.  That is fine with me, because I have no intention of moving again for a very, very long time (in fact, never is fine with me).  In the past 23 months we have had five homes and four moves taking us through three cities in two states. WE ARE DONE MOVING!!!!

That works out quite conveniently, because we love our new home.  It is hard to remember the original house, it is so different.  Our contractor and his team were amazing. We feel very lucky and blessed to have such a nice place to call home.

So y'all come on over for a visit.  That is life in MomZania.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Finish Line is Near - Moving In Next Week

It has been a long journey; much longer than the miles between North Carolina and California.  We decided to move to the left coast nearly 2 1/2 years ago. That decision has led us through 5 addresses, 4 moves, 3 cities, and 2 states.  The finish line is finally in sight.  We are moving into our "real" home next week. The town signed off on our construction project this Wednesday!  We were ahead of the original schedule by 1 amazing day - which in construction speak is 3 months ahead schedule.

While the thought of moving once again is especially daunting, we are ecstatic to have a place that finally feels like home.  Unlike the 1959 ranch we moved out of in August, this home is equipped with all the modern conveniences.  Come down for a visit and we will dazzle you with our new sewer line, modern plumbing, wired smoke detectors, grounded electrical system, insulated walls, and other nifty things that make our home comply with Modern Building Codes.

Sarcasm aside, we are so excited to show off our house.  The team that managed the renovation was amazing.  Great work and super easy to work with.  They really do feel like family at this point.  I will miss seeing Bill, Tom, Manny, and the entire crew.  Luckily their next job is just down the street, so I can stop in and visit for at least the next few months.

It wouldn't be a good MomZania post if I didn't share some of the hilarious moments along the way.  Here are a few:

We Need the Bathtub, Now
Before demolition even started, I met with the plumber.  His first question, "Where is your bathtub?"  All I can say is, "What?  Bathtub, now?  I haven't even finished moving out yet."  And then came the very detailed and complicated explanation of why the bathtub was urgently needed.  So I ordered said tub and it sat on the back porch at our rental house for 8 months.  It was finally installed last week.  And the plumber was right, the space is so tight and complicated he really did need to see the tub in person way back in September.  It fit, just barely, but it fit.

The Plans Are a 'Little' Off
They very first day of construction, our project foreman said "the plans are a little off in the kitchen."  I replied, "the architect said sometimes there is a 1-2 inch discrepancy." To which he replied in the nicest way possible, "is it more like 1-2 feet and now there's no room for your sink or refrigerator."  While I did contemplate having a permanent excuse not to cook, we tweaked the plans and stole the space from another room.  We happily finished construction with all the needed kitchen appliances.

No Rush on Your Paint Choices
The first time I met with the painter we didn't even have siding on the house.  He asked, "What paint color did I want on the outside?"  I said, "I wasn't sure, but when did he need them?"  His reply, "No rush, no rush at all, but I really need them by this afternoon."   Turns out the best way to not fret about paint choices is to have a 6-hour deadline.  Decision made and no regrets.

Your Floors Are Discontinued
Two days before our floors were to be delivered, I got a call that they were discontinued.  No worries, we ordered our floors 5 months ago.  Well, it turns out the store had never gotten around to ordering them.  Arghhhh!  Scott jumped in and turned lemons into lemonade.  He did some footwork and found a great second choice, which we then parlayed it into way better pricing.  Win-win.

Through this project, I learned the motto, "it isn't a mistake, if we can fix it" during this project.  Those are words to live by.  Even our bumps in the project all worked out, often for the better.  Now it is time to start loading up the boxes, so we can finally head home.

That is life in MomZania.