Friday, June 19, 2015

Meet the Newest Harrell - OMG We Got a Puppy

Introducing the newest member of the Clan Harrell.  Meet, Raleigh!  You can take us out of the Tar Heel State, but North Carolina will always be in our hearts.

Who gets a puppy when you are renovating a home and moving?  Only us!  Do you remember when the Obama's promised their girls a dog when they moved into the White House.  Well, that kind of persuasion by the kids doesn't just happen at the White House. Here we are in our new home with our new puppy, minus the dog training help of the Secret Service.  We got him at 8 weeks and now he is 5 months; we are finally brave enough to introduce him.

If you are curious, Raleigh is a Bearded Collie.  If you ever saw the movie The Shaggy Dog, you know the breed.  Beardies are one of those obscure breeds, but I had one for a little while when I was young and have wanted one ever since.  Since the mom is the one who does most of the walking/bathing/feeding/pooper scooping, Scott said the mom should pick the breed.  Plus, if I don't like the breed I have only myself to blame.

The Good:
Raleigh is sweet and loving.  His sole goal in life is to have his belly rubbed.  He has the potential to be the best family dog ever.  He was (mostly) house trained super quick.  Unlike my children, this "baby" slept through the night from almost day one.  He even cleans up the floor after dinner.

The Bad:
He is a puppy!  That pretty much sums it up.  He eats shoes and nips at hands. He spontaneously goes crazy and runs like wild banshee.  He is a herding dog and tries to herd the family.  He jumps on people and chases other dogs.  He chews on everything (except the toys we buy him).

We are trying to teach Raleigh some manners.  Neither Scott nor I have ever really had a dog as adults, we are trying to learn right along side the dog.  Like when Raleigh has a potty accident, we roll up the newspaper and take a good ourselves, because we forgot to let him out - oops.

Please pass along all your tips and advice, because we could use it.  The other night I was running around outside soaking wet in only a towel when he escaped through the front door while I was in the shower.  I think both me and the neighbors will need counseling after that moment.

That is the newest Zania in MomZania.

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Diana Weathersby said...

If he is like our dogs he'll train you before you know it, Patience is all it takes on all sides. Get him microchipped so if he gets away he can be scanned and returned to you. And it works, Sugaree took herself for a walk last month and a neighbor one house down the road called the number on her tag of the chip company and they called both me and James who was out if town, he called me as I was missing her looking in and around house." James asked do you know where Sugaree is" I'm like how do you know she's missing? End of story I walked over to neighbor and got her back and met the neighbor.