Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ode to Scott and Fathers Everywhere

I usually alternate my blogging between lamenting and celebrating life from the mommy perspective.  In honor of Father's Day (albeit a bit late) I thought tonight I would post a bit about Scott, the good old dad in our house.

  • Scott is Switzerland.  When the kids and I are warring fractions, he comes in and makes peace without ever taking sides (though secretly I know I'm always right - LOL)
  • Scott is Present.  His job is long and stressful and all consuming, but when he walks in the door he leaves it behind.  The crummy meeting, the overloaded schedule, the deadlines looming - he never mentions them.
  • Scott is Vegas.  What happens with Daddy stays with Daddy.  I envision feasts of chocolate and wild children running amok.  It may or may not be true, but the kids are ecstatic for a day with dad and I have learned not to ask the details.  
  • Scott is Spontaneity.  I plan, I schedule, I run the family train on the Express Loop.  Scott is the scenic route, the stop and smell the roses route.  Why don't we ditch the chores and go to the movies?  Why don't we play a game?  Why don't we go out for FroYo?  
  • And Scott is So Much More....Like right now, Scott is sitting at an airport in Bangkok.  He had to fly out first thing Sunday morning, Father's Day. He spent 26 hours flying there and will spend another 26 flying back.  He had just a one day business meeting.  He could have stayed and did some sightseeing.  He could have stayed and gotten some much needed sleep.  But no, Scott said he just wanted to get home to the family.  The sightseeing and sleep could wait until we were all together. 
Thanks to Scott and all the dads out there!  The kids and moms sure do appreciate all that you do, even if the only way we show that thanks is by putting another item on you "Honey Do" list.  

That is life in MomZania.

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