Friday, July 24, 2015

2015 Summer of Fun

Summer is quickly passing by.  I just got an email from the school about the start of the school year.  I don't know who is more disappointed me or the kids.  I am thoroughly enjoying this "what are we going to do today" summer lifestyle.  

While the days of summer may be numbered, we have been maximizing the ones so far.  Since we were finally moved in to our home, I deemed 2015 the summer of fun.  I was going to make good on all those times I've said, "we should get together soon."  I was also steadfast that we would explore some of the amazing sights of California.  People come from all over the world to visit, we could at least hop in the car and drive a couple of hours. 
From Atlantic (still awesome) to Pacific (still frigid), it has been a busy summer, with more fun coming before the first school bell rings. We camped in Big Sur enjoying some amazing hikes and beautiful coasts, but with weather in the 50's-60's we only got our toes wet.  The girls headed to camp for a week in the Santa Cruz mountains.  While they were away, Mick and I darted off to the Lone Star State to hang in Houston with my great friend Angela.  The trip was a wish for me, but since Angela has three boys it was epic for Mick.  Thanks for hosting, Angela

Most recently, we were off on a North Carolina odyssey.  We had our annual 4th of July family extravaganza in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There were fireworks and card board boat races. There was zip lining and pool time.  There was amazing BBQ and wonderful sweet ice tea.  Most importantly, there was family. Next up, was time hanging in our old 'hood in Cary.  Nana opened up her home to us and we visited tons of friends.  We were reminded once again what a special neighborhood we lived in - great people in a great place.  

To top is off, we ditched the cars and returned to the amazing, golf cart only Bald Head Island.  We were joined by Nana, Mimi, Poppa, the Fiedlers, and even a quick visit from the Olivas.  We played on the beach and in the pool.  We tried out paddle boarding and decided windy days aren't the best for beginners.  The girls hit the waves on surf boards and even I took a turn hanging ten.  I did grow up in Florida after all.  Everyone agreed the most special moment was witnessing a nest of endangered loggerhead sea turtles rise up and make their way to the sea.  It was truly magical.  

Next up is a long in the making trip to Portland to visit the Millers and then camping in Yosemite.  Like I said, it is the summer of fun.  All the stuff of the real world piling up in the background.  

That is life in MomZania.  

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