Saturday, September 26, 2015

Watch Out - Kid with a Cell Phone

Check out Sarah's new cell phone.  Yup, she is holding one of the old school bricks, circa ~1994.  No apps, no texting, not even a way to plug it into the wall - only a car charger.  Sarah was begging for a cell phone, so off we went to the AT&T store. I don't know who was more surprised, Sarah or the AT&T employee when I asked to get service for this old beast.

Scott and I have been dragging our feet on getting Sarah a cell phone.  She has been begging and we have been strongly saying no.  Frankly, I didn't feel like policing one more technology (who are your calling this late), finding anyone else's lost phone (I have enough trouble keeping up with my own), or dealing with the inevitable tech support issues (mom, I just dropped my phone in the bathtub).  Not to mention all the scary stories about cyber bullying and such.  So the answer was always no.  Then, the she started middle school.  It turns out the newest rite of middle school passage is a cell phone - just like dressing out for PE and changing classes.  When Sarah said,  "everyone has a cell phone,"  she wasn't exaggerating.  Everyone does have a cell phone.

After great debate, Scott and I agreed (caved) but only after adding many rules, restrictions, and regulations.  First, she wasn't getting a data plan.  Talk and text, love it or leave it.  Second, we weren't buying her a brand new phone. While she didn't get the 1994 special, she did inherit Scott's old phone.  Third, we set up some (many) rules.  Simple, but not always obvious rules, like humans in the room trump texts on your phone.

So here we are.  Sarah has a cell phone.  More than the candles on her cake, it shows just grown up she is getting.  Her phone has only been working for a few minutes and she is already talking and texting with her friends.  God save us.

That is life in MomZania.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mick is 6!

Mick turned six today.  Where does the time go?  I know every parent says that, but, really, where does the time go?  There is nothing about six that says baby.  Six says, "Look at me, I'm a kid! Full-energy, high-octane, capital K-I-D, kid!" For his birthday, the boy got a mountain bike, a mountain bike with gears!  That ain't no baby bike!

Here I sit enjoying this moment of birthday celebration, but I am also wistful for baby moments gone past.  Don't get me wrong, I don't miss midnight feedings, poopy diapers, or temper tantrums.  But how I miss those moments snuggling a baby.  A quiet snuggle with a sleeping baby may be the closest thing to Heaven there is on Earth.

But enough of my syrupy mom dribble, how did Mick spend his 6th birthday?  Living it up, of course.  We started with a giant pancake breakfast at a local diner.

Next, was his special day celebration in his classroom - including both a crown and special chair for the day.  As soon as school was out, we were off to Pump It Up for a bounce 'til you burst birthday party.  Why wait until the weekend, let's party today.  As if that wasn't enough, it was back home for gifts and more junk food.  Finally, a soft landing right into bed.  We are all exhausted, but it was a great birthday.

That is life in MomZania.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Decorating 101

Have you ever watched HGTV?  In just 30 minutes (and with no budget), they turn any home into a decorator show place.  Why can't I get those results?  With the kids back in school and summer fun finished up, I have turned my focus to trying to decorate our "newish" house.  Unlike HGTV, real world decorating takes a lot of time and effort and budget.  All things, I would prefer to spend in other ways.

Here I sit with infinite ideas pouring out of Houzz and Pinterest.  Kids art wall?  Love it.   Everything stored in cute matching baskets?  Sounds great.  Mural on the Wall?  That must be easy.

Research shows it takes 20 positive comments to offset just one negative comment.  Maybe the same is true of decorator pictures.  For every one picture of pristine closets or perfect play rooms, I need 20 pictures of cluttered, clashing real world homes. Then, I may actually settle into realistic decorating expectations.

The kids rooms will be cluttered.   The pantry will be disorganized.   Things will get dirty, scratched, and broken. Instead of fighting these realities, I should except clutter follows kids like jelly follows peanut better.  I should be thankful we have enough food to make it messy.  And, I should realize homes are made to get broken - it means you are living and enjoying them.

While at some point, I do need to empty that box of glassware sitting in our coat closet. I need to cover up our currently naked walls.  And I need to get a table for our currently junk filled dining room.  Right now, I need to step away from Houzz and delete all HGTV content from the DVR.

Instead, I am going to grab the dog and walk to pick up the kids at school.  The weather is perfect today.  I will save the decorating for a day when it isn't (which may be a while, since it is usually nice here).

As for the family, we are mostly back to the school routine.  Lunches are in the fridge.  Homework is (I hope) getting done.  Activities are taking over our schedule.  Scott is back to traveling again, but not as much as in the spring.  I am volunteering for a myriad of things.  It definitely sounds like Fall.

That is life in MomZania