Friday, November 20, 2015

Chuck E. Cheese's Next Marketing Campaign

Chuck E. Cheese's is the perfect kids birthday party spot.  It is Vegas for little ones.  Our family has celebrated numerous birthdays at Chuck E. Cheeses' from coast to coast. Why is it that I leave that place so exhausted?

We went to a Chuck E. Cheese's birthday party yesterday.  When we left I was spent.  I wouldn't have been more tired if I had taken an entire bottle of Ambien.  What is it about that place?  I didn't host the party.  I didn't ride any rides.  I didn't play any games.  And I most certainly didn't go climbing through the play structure.  I didn't do anything other than protect the precious ticket pile.  You know the tickets.  It takes 437 tokens to win 33 tickets.  Then, if you are lucky, the girl at the counter will round you up to 35 tickets, so you can get the plastic top that will be broken/lost/thrown away before the day is done.

I do take my ticket protecting job seriously or risk the wrath of young children amped up on sugar.  We proudly came home with both a plastic snake and plastic frog - it was just what I was looking for to complete our house decorations.

I got home and so badly wanted a nap, but I had to go to another loud, wild, kid-centric  event up at the school.  By the time I crawled into bed last night, I don't think I was even speaking in sentences.  I was mumbling nonsense to which Scott replied, "why don't we chat tomorrow."  I shook my head, turned out the light, and slept like a baby.

They say insomnia is a $32 Billion (with a B) market in America.  It turns out all it takes is 30 minutes in a Chuck E. Cheese's to guarantee a great night's sleep. Maybe that should be their next marketing campaign.

Beyond exhausting visits to the Cheese's, we are gearing up for the holidays.  It is definitely and unbelievably that time of year again

.  My house needs cleaning and my grocery getter needs to get going, because company is arriving this weekend. Forget the party cake and pizza, it is Turkey time.

That is life in MomZania.

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