Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Exercise - Suburban Mom Style

There are those moms who finish Ironmans and those who hike the seven summits.  They are amazing, inspiring, and most definitely not me.  My goal when it comes to exercising is to simply make the Surgeon General happy.  You know the drill "30 minutes of some activity most days of the week."  Park myself on the stationary bike with a magazine and call it good enough.

Though, recently, I have been trying to spice up my workout routine.  At the rave reviews of a friend, I was convinced to join her in Zumba class.  You probably started Zumbaing (is that a word?) back in the 90's, but until recently I had completely missed that train.  Holy mother, Zumba is hilarious.  It is like going out dancing in college, minus the libations.  Just like in a club, there are about three people who actually know how to dance and then there are the rest of us.  Who cares that I have no rhythm.  Who cares that I have no moves.  The music is loud; the beat is good; so, I dance and have some fun.

Then, I decided to get one of those fitness trackers.  I have had a pedometer for years, but decided I would jump on the fitness tracking trend before it was gone.  Donning my brand new fitness tracker, Raleigh and I hit the trail.  This thing tracks your distance, your pace, even your heart rate, and because I didn't bother to read the owner's manual, probably some other great things.  Off went the dog and I, cruising along.  What I sadly learned it that my pace is ridiculously slow, my distance is short, but my heart rate, dang, it's high.  I guess that means "get in better running shape" goes on the New Year's Resolution list.  Or maybe I can take my Zumba classmates running with me, then I won't care what my pace is.

There is just one day of school before Christmas break and Scott finishes up the next day.  Then, it is the most relaxing two weeks of the year.  The only two weeks when (nearly) everything shuts down.  I can't wait.  Bring on the eggnog, bring on carols, bring on the holiday cheer - it's officially Christmas time.

That's life in MomZania.

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