Monday, December 7, 2015

It's Like Speed for the Holidays - ThanksMas

When your family lives on the opposite coast, you don't stretch out the holidays or celebrate them one at a time.  No, you have to speed celebrate.  It is like speed dating for your holidays activities.  You have one chance to get in the entire holiday season.  It was another successful ThanksMas at our house with Mimi, Poppa, and Auntie Em.

We combine the entire holiday season - full Thanksgiving and full Christmas - into one short visit.   We found the perfect tree and roasted an awesome turkey.  We visited live reindeer in San Francisco and stood in line for Black Friday deals.  We ran a Turkey Trot and trimmed the tree.  We opened gifts and played touch football.  We watched Christmas movies and Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special.  And we did it all, just in a bit of a hurry.

It was fabulous to see the Harrell's and show them our new and improved home. They ooo'd and ahhh'd over such luxuries as our working oven and functioning bathrooms.  While all the activities were tons of fun; the family time was the best.  With school out and Scott on vacation, we were able to ignore the real world for a few days and just enjoy the moment.  We already miss our family and are looking forward to our visit East this summer.

Thanks to ThanksMas, our Christmas season got off to an early start.  We are continuing the festivities along with the regular routine.  Scott is in Europe for another whirlwind trip.  Sarah is trying out for the Middle School basketball team.  Jaley is rehearsing away for her big debut in the school play.  With soccer finished and T-ball not yet started, Mick is honing his TV watching skills during his time in the off season. Me?  I don't know where the time goes, but I sure am busy.

That is life in MomZania.


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