Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Holidays are History - Now Hop on the Express Train

We are a week into 2016; the holiday season is ancient history.  Everyone should get to ease into the new year.  Short, easy weeks for the beginning of January would be nice.  Instead, Baby New Year arrived and we hopped right on the 2016 Express Train.  January is going to be a blur; wake me up when it's all over.

Basketball didn't just start, Sarah is already 3 games in - plus practice, too. That's basketball 6 times a week - yikes.  The school play, with a rehearsal schedule rivaling Broadway, is just days away from opening night.  Pack a bag Jaley, we will see you again after the curtain closes.  Scott already has a 2016 stamp in his passport - he landed in Germany last night.  I am working with no less than 4 different contractors plus the city to get our dirt farm turned into an average American backyard.  Who would think putting in a couple of plants and a small patch of grass could be so complicated, but this is California.  Complicated is California's middle name.  Heck, even Little League kicked off this weekend. Who has ever even heard of baseball in January? Even the pros don't start until March.  

To make sure every moment is full, we have three family birthday's in the next three weeks.  Slumber parties are relaxing, right?  Why don't we add in a family trip?  What crazy person scheduled that?  Oh right, it was me.  What was I thinking?  I have no idea.  

Then there is a whole list of things I'm avoiding like the school science fair and looming Girl Scout cookie sales.  Maybe if I close my eyes they will disappear.  

If my New Year's Resolution had been to "live every day to it's fullest," I would be getting A+ marks.  I actually resolved to lose a few pounds, which is about the only thing I'm not doing in January.  Heck, maybe if I close my eyes those pounds will disappear, too.  

That is the first stop on the 2016 Express Train.  What is the next stop?  I don't know because I'm now avoiding my calendar.  

Happy New Year to you and yours from the land of MomZania.  May it be healthy, happy, and (not too) busy.

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