Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where does the time go?

Did you know its February? It's nearly the middle of the month no less.  I can't believe Valentine's day is here and Easter is only 40 days away.  The start of the year has been a very busy blur.

Since I last wrote an update, both Sarah and Scott turned a year older.  Sarah celebrated as many 12-year old girls do with a a slumber party.  Scott celebrated as many 40-somethings do with a round of golf and dinner out.  They both were happy with their celebrations, and I was happy to share eating their cakes.

After 4+ months of long rehearsals the curtain went up on Jaley's school play.  It was a a production grander than any typical school play.  It was a cast of thousands (OK, it was actually 165 kids, but it seemed like thousands).  The production ran with 3 complete casts for two weeks with a grand total of 12 performances.

Sarah has just finished the season for her middle school basketball team.  Her team played hard and even made the playoffs.  It was a pretty impressive finish given her school currently doesn't have a gym, so practices were outside (often in the rain) and every game was away.

In order to enjoy a bit of all the happenings, Mimi & Poppa even came for a visit.  They mostly "enjoyed" hanging with me while I shuttled the kids to all these events, but we did enjoy a little down time.  We even took a field trip over to Half Moon Bay to enjoy the beautiful coastline and catch a glimpse of the seal pups.

Here it is 6 weeks into the New Year and I'm thinking it is time to start on all those house projects that need doing - like switching the dirt farm into a yard and replacing the cracked driveway that is already half removed (I currently roll over fill dirt into the garage).  Although next week, it Winter Break and the kids are off school, so I guess I will start in March. Oh right, Nana is coming in March.  So maybe, April?  Or maybe next year?

That is life in MomZania.

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