Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Broken Bones, Birthdays, & Bubbly

 One of my favorite things about California is Winter Break.  It comes at just the right time - when the Christmas break is a distant memory and Spring Break is a far off time.  An entire week with no school and a chance to escape the routine for a few days.  Like most of the Bay Area we headed up to Tahoe for the week.  For a few days we enjoyed skiing (snowboarding) in t-shirts followed by a giant winter storm that delivered a ton of fresh powder.  Just an hour before we were supposed to head out town, Sarah took a fall that took her to the Emergency room instead.  Diagnosis - one broken wrist.  Luckily she is expected to make a full and quick recovery.  She is now sporting a lime green cast and hasn't complained at all; she's one tough kid.

Next up, Nana's Birthday.  We were so glad she choose to celebrate with us in California.  To make her birthday extra special, we took a mother-daughter trip to Napa.  We indulged in great wine and bubbly this weekend.  We didn't even let the torrential rains spoil our fun.  We laughed and reminisced the weekend away as only moms and daughters can do.

Mick has started T-Ball; at least that is the idea when it isn't called off for rain.  Sarah is starting Track & Field; at least that is the plan assuming her cast comes off on time.  Jaley is heading back to Taekwondo; at least that is the goal assuming all goes well at the new studio.

Scott has been crazy busy at work.  He wasn't disappointed when his trip to Denver was postponed this week.

As for me, I am knee deep into our landscaping project - literally knee deep in mud.  They removed our driveway last week and were supposed to replace it just a few days later.  Then dry February turned into record rains March.  Now, we have a mud farm.  If you want to go 4X4ing, just come to our house, we have the perfect track.  We wear our "mud shoes" back and forth to the house and then switch to our "real shoes" in the car.  As for the forecast, it is rain for the next 10-days, so I guess it will be "mud shoes" for the rest of the month. Why is renovating so much more fun on HGTV?

That is life in MomZania.

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