Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Momitation - A Mom's Meditation

Do you meditate?  If you do, I admire you.  Everywhere you look, the world is touting the benefits of meditation.  Weight loss, happiness, winning lottery numbers - meditation can provide them all.  So, I try.  I try really hard. Apparently doing absolutely nothing is very, very hard.  I even bought Jon Kabat-Zinn’s book to master (OK, learn) meditation.  I didn't help and now collects dust on the bookshelf.  

What I have found is that I mometate instead of meditate.  It’s a mom’s version of meditation and goes something like this:

Deep breath in, deep breath out, deep breath…oh shoot I forgot to swap the laundry…

Wait clear your mind, deep breath in, deep breath out, deep breath…ding, ding - is that a text? I better check that…

Five minutes later, start again, deep breath in, deep breath out, deep breath…bark, bark, bark - oh crap, now the dog has to go out..

Five minutes later, start again, deep breath in, deep breath out, my back itches, just ignore it, deep breath in, my foot is falling asleep, deep breath out, why is sitting quietly so uncomfortable?, scratch, stretch, reposition.

Start again, deep breath in, what are we going to have for dinner tonight? Did I remember to take the chicken out to defrost?  Thinking of food, I’m hungry now.  Forget it, I’m getting a snack that is enough meditating for today. 

And when I’m not pretending to meditate, we are busy with the regular routine.  We learned the opening day of Little League is quite the celebration - complete with a parade, festival, and barbecue lunch.  It was topped off with Mick's first t-ball game.  No score, but everyone batted, everyone ran to home plate, and everyone was happy.  That is my type of sporting event.  Jaley is officially back to taekwondo, and she has proudly added another weapon, a bow staff, to her equipment list.  Beware.  Sarah starts track in a few days.  It is perfect timing; her cast just came off today.  Fully healed!!!  In order to make all these events and others a reality The Marshmallow, our trusty minivan, is  racking up the miles running carpool.   

Scott is out of town this week.  He mentioned there was an org change at work, and I thought, it must be Tuesday.  Cynicism aside, it looks like the changes are good.  The yard work is in a holding pattern as the rains continue to come.  We need the rain, but we would love for mother nature to take just a short break so we can get our driveway back again.  It has been a month of walking the plank, which is much better than our early weeks of walking right through the mud.  The forecast says sun going forward.  Maybe I can meditate and make it hold true.  

That is life in MomZania

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