Monday, April 25, 2016

Now I know My ABC's...

Tomorrow Mick needs to bring in a "Z" item for Show-N-Tell.  He will be bringing in a wand (cast off from a long ago trip to Great Wolf Lodge) that, wait for it, Zaps.  Don't judge, zipper and zebra were already used, I don't feel like going to the store to buy a zucchini, and kindergartners aren't the right crowd for Zeppelin, Led.

With Mick's Zap, my days of Show-N-Tell will come to a close.  I have now Show-N-Telled for 10 straight years.  I know it is "actually" my kids who do the Show-N-Telling, but what young child remembers to pack something on Monday night because, Show-N-Tell day is every Tuesday.  For our family, Show-N-Tell days started in Sarah's first preschool and I have been quietly sending in Show-N-Tell ever since.  Yes, A to Z, one letter a week for 26 weeks a year.  That is 260 different Show-N-Tells - which have spanned from fabulous to fails and everything in between.

There have been the lazy weeks - it's M-week, just bring yourself, Mick.  There have been the disrupt the class weeks - it's Y-week, just bring this microphone and Yell.  There have been the get on the teacher's good side weeks - it's R-week, bring your teacher these Roses.  There have been the last minute weeks - oh no, it's F-week and we're already at school, just take a Floor mat from the car.  There have been the hope it comes home weeks, it's B-week, bring in your hand-crocheted Baby blanket that can never be replaced.  There have been the delegating weeks, it's K-week, Sarah hfind something that starts with K and put it Mick's backpack.  And so many other weeks along the way.

Here we are at the final Z, marking the end of the Harrell's Show-N-Tell days. While I won't miss figuring out what to send in every week, I will miss the innocence age of Show-N-Tell.  My last baby is finished with Show-N-Tell, his time in kindergarten is nearly over.  They grow up fast.

Outside of Show-N-Tell, there is the rest of regular life.  Even though we moved back into our house last year, the house projects continue.  We are hoping to start on the landscape in two weeks.  We should be able to drive on our driveway next week - yippee, no more schlepping groceries.  And, drumroll please...We installed solar panels on our house.  We turned it on today.  That is our electric meter and that is a negative number.  Running the house and sending power back to the grid.  Bye-bye, power bill - or at least when the sun is shining.  Solar on the house - we must be Californians now!

That is life in MomZania.

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