Sunday, August 14, 2016

Double Digits - Happy Birthday Jaley!


Jaley officially turned 10 a few weeks ago, but we were just too busy inventing ways to celebrate her birthday for me to stop and write a blog.  Jaley has been celebrating the completion of her first decade for a solid month.  She started celebrating at the Harrell family reunion in NC, continued with a family celebration at home, enjoyed celebrating her actual birthday during our amazing Alaskan cruise, and completed her celebration superfecta with a friend-filled drive in-movie slumber party combo.  She is most definitely the luckiest 10-year-old around.

Parties aside, I can't believe my baby girl is 10.  Like a broken record, the time just flies. So much has happened in the past 10 years, I can't wait to see what Jaley delivers to the world in her next 10!

Happy Birthday, Jaley! 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bad Moms

School starts next week for the kids and tomorrow for me.  My inbox is teeming with all things back to school.  PTA committee meetings are stacking up.  My color coded calendar looks like a rainbow as I keep adding in the kid's activities.  Plus, I better finish the back to school shopping and find the supply lists for class.  And, those school emergency forms sure won't complete themselves in triplicate.

What did I do today?  It was my last day to get all these things done.  I said forget it (or maybe another word starting with f)!  Instead, I went to the movies and saw Bad Moms.  I laughed, and laughed, and laughed.  I haven't gone to a movie in the middle of the workweek - EVER!!!  Every mom can relate to at least part of this story.  We are all bad moms!!!  We are all great moms, too!!!

Yes, we do helicopter and sanitize ourselves right into a tizzy.  What if my kid doesn't get the teacher he wants?  What if my kid doesn't make the team?  What if my kid doesn't get elected to student government?  What if? What if? What if?

Yes, we also love our kids beyond words.  We would walk through fire.  We would dance with the devil.  We do just about anything to make sure our kids are safe.

Moms, school season is about to begin.  Put on your tackle pads, because parenting these days is a full-contact sport.  Together, let's all strive to be bad moms some days, because most days we are all really great moms!  Let the school games begin!

That is life in MomZania.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vacation, Vocation, & the Very Long Renovation

Vacation, Vocation, and the Very Long Renovation.  That has been what has been keeping us busy these days.

First up, and most fun, Vacation!  We just returned from a week cruising around Alaska - all thanks to cruise director Nana.  It was her birthday, and we all got to take an amazing trip.  We can't thank you enough, Mom!!!  We watched whales feed and glaciers calve.  We spied bald eagles fishing, but didn't have any luck catching any salmon ourselves.  We learned about sled dogs, lumberjacks, and Totem Poles.  As if Alaska wasn't enough, we even got to hanging out in Seattle, WA and Victoria, BC.

Next up, and more work, Vocation!  Vacation can't last forever, so it is back to the working world.  It is official, Scott has worked for Cisco for a very long time - 15 years to be exact.  Cisco has given Scott a great ride, and with three kids Scott's ride won't be ending soon.  Scott isn't the only one with a vocation.  After my one year turned to three year break, I start working next week in the "nurse's office" at a neighborhood school.  It sure will be different than working in the ICU.  The kids are thrilled that while I will enjoy the same vacation days as them, I won't be working in the same school as them - win-win.

Finally, the Very Long Renovation!  Our landscape project is moving forward, but not done yet.  At this point, it has taken longer to plant the plants than it did to construct the house.  The project has taught me some about plants and much about patience.  Some day it will be complete.

That is life in MomZania.