Monday, September 12, 2016

Have You Found The Holy Grail of Homework Policy?

The kids are almost a month into school.  The excitement of the first day is a memory.  The sparkling new backpacks, lunch boxes, and school supplies are already looking a bit dingy.  We are officially back to the grind!

As the homework starts piling up and the long-term projects get assigned, I wonder how any of us will make it through to another June.  Then I found it.  I found it surfing Facebook as I was procrastinating signing Sarah's 7th Grade English Homework and Conduct Policy.  I saw a Facebook post of Mrs. Young's NEW Homework Policy.  It is the stuff of Urban Legend, the Holy Grail of Homework.  It is the No Homework, Homework Policy.  Could you imagine? No homework for the entire school year.  It would be like rainbows and unicorns and Christmas everyday.  I know it will never happen, but one can dream.

Here we are in the middle of September.  Yes, there is oodles of homework and plenty more to keep life interesting.  Soccer has not only started for Mick, but his first game was last Saturday.  Belt testing is underway at Taekwondo for Jaley. Sarah is doubling down with both basketball and field hockey.  Add in a sprinkling of other activities ensures we are fully back to the grind.

Like the kids, I have been back to work (school) for a month.  I am really enjoying working again.  Caring for kids in a school is a million miles away from adults in an ICU, but I still have to think like a nurse.  Most of the kids are just tummy aches and scraped knees, but a few need a much more watchful eye and good care.

That is life in MomZania.

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