Friday, November 4, 2016

The Competitive Carpool League

My kids may be playing recreation sports, but my carpool schedule is definitely in the competitive league.  It is a mad dash of drop-offs, pick-ups, and coordination. For those of you with school-age kids, I know you are right there with me.

This week was particularly crazy.  I went back and counted it up.  The kids had a grand total of 19 individual activities  - plus an epic night of trick-or-treating on Monday.  I have nightmares of forgetting to pick one of them up.  The sad part is I know it's not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

It was the change of seasons that made this week particularly crazy.  I don't mean the change to autumn.  Sarah traded field hockey for two basketball leagues (yes, two and no, that wasn't planned well).  Jaley is finishing her Chorus performances tonight; Taekwondo belt testing is starts Monday.  Soccer isn't even over for Mick, but the emails for basketball and Little League are already flying.  I thought I was raising free-range kids.  What a joke, mine are just as overscheduled as the headlines portray Suburban kids.

Beyond carpool, the rest of life keeps moving at a brilliantly fast pace. The first grading term of the school year is over.   Reports cards are on their way.  I am settled into my new job as the school nurse.  Lots of band-aids, boo-boos, and belly aches, but a surprising amount of significant injury and illness, too.  Fall is always a busy time of work travel for Scott.  Happily, he is in town next week.  Heck, his suitcase may even get fully unpacked, instead of staying half-packed and at the ready.

That is life in MomZania

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