Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Not-Perfect, Plenty-Good Christmas & Other Random Holiday Thoughts

The kids still have a few days of school and, likewise, Scott and I still have a few days of work, but we are all eager for the holiday break.  Right now, I should be cooking dinner or walking the dog, instead I sit here in my beautifully, ugly Christmas sweater, pondering the (not-so) important questions of the holiday season.

Does the UPS-man ever sleep?  Not once, not twice, but thrice this season, I have woken to find a package outside the door long before the sun has risen.  He must be taken delivery lessons straight from Santa.

Does anyone else have a lazy, well-behaved Elf on the Shelf? Our elf doesn't mess up the kitchen or rearrange the tree.  Heck, most nights he doesn't go anywhere; we find him in the same place the next morning.  Oh yes, I know who's to blame for such lazy un-Elf-like behavior.  Let's just say his locally-based Elf boss is too tired to teach him proper Elf on the Shelf antics.

Is there such a thing as too many decoration?  That is a rhetorical question; the answer is, obviously, no.  Add more tinsel, wear uglier sweaters, put another blowup snowman in the yard.  We only have one time of year to be terribly tacky, go big or go home.

Should we propose a ban on the use of all bathroom scales between October and January?  Absolutely.  It is a feast from Halloween until New Years.  This year, I asked Santa to bring me a scientist who can prove cookies are health food.  Eat up and avoid the scale, because Santa always delivers.

Will everything be perfect this Christmas?  Absolutely not. Beautiful wrapped packages with gorgeous bows atop will be under someone else's tree.  Dozens of decadent, homemade cookies are in another kitchen.  And, hand-addressed cards with personal letters inside will be sent from another family.  But, the Harrell Christmas will be plenty good enough.

That is where we will leave off for my last post of 2016.  We are counting down to our not-perfect, plenty-good Christmas.  The daily routine this year was rather banal, but taken as a whole it has been an amazing year.  Scott has rejoined the Enterprise Group (routing and switching) at Cisco and has an ever growing realm of products to manage.  I am back to work after a 3+ year break.  Bring on the boo-boos and band-aids - school nursing is the place to be.  Sarah is half way through middle school, just days away from being a teenager, and proving to be quite an athlete.  Jaley is rounding the final turn on elementary school in 5th grade and proving that girls are super-tough in Taekwondo.  Mick is all kid these day, with not even a whisper of the baby who disappeared so quickly.  He's in first grade, has a personality to charm the world, and loves every sport he meets.  Even Raleigh is a "big pup" these days.  He can be trusted with both shoes on the floor and food on the counter.

May you also enjoy a not-perfect, plenty-good Christmas.  If the turkey is dry or the gift is all wrong - remember that is part of the fun.  If it is really a mess, you still have 370 shopping days until next holiday season.  We wish you a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year.

That is life in MomZania

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