Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Happy New(ish) Year

We are half way through January; I'm an just now writing my first post of the New(ish) Year.  On January 1, I resolved to do a better job of updating my blog, I wouldn't call it the best start, but I wouldn't call it the worst either.   That is about how I'm trending on all my New Year's Resolutions.  If Resolutions were a graded assignment, I would probably get a C-.  But I went to Georgia Tech, so I'm counting on the professor to curve the score before posting the final grades.

I guess that is the ultimate lesson with New Year's Resolutions, and, much of life. We may not make the proverbial honor role.  Sometimes we may even fail, but we have to keep on trying.

With discussion of New Year's Resolutions, that means another holiday season is in the books.  The holidays were busy.  Yes, just like you, our holiday "downtime" left us with little actual downtime as we tried to cram festivities into every moment.

We started the season at Thanksgiving, with a fun-filled, overdue Reunion in Atlanta with both sides of our families and tons of college friends.  Then, it was back to work, school, and an Olympic-caliber sprint to Christmas.  We skidded into the finish with little time to spare.  Then, came the morning of December 25.  The kids were up before 6:00AM.  The presents were opened and fully operational by 7:30.  By 8:00, we had most (some) of the mess cleaned up. That was good news, because we were on a plane to Florida just a few minutes later.

Then, we enjoyed Christmas all over again.  This time with Mimi, Poppa, and Auntie Em in Vero Beach.  Florida lived up to its promise as "The Sunshine State" with sunny skies and weather in the 80's.  We enjoyed the beach, the pool, and an awesome trip to Kennedy Space Center.  Mission to Mars?  That is the plan at NASA.

We were back home again soon, hung out with tons of friends for New Years, and then it was off to Tahoe.  The record snow fall led to record traffic, but it was worth it 21 hours of driving there (including an unexpected night in Auburn, CA), and 6 hours driving home.  We had two days of sunny skies and fresh powder on the slopes.

Last week, it was back to reality.  School and work are in full swing.  Basketball started for Mick and is mid-season for Sarah.  Spring Field Hockey also started (Spring? Even in CA, January isn't spring).  Jaley just tested in Taekwondo and is now a red belt - just two steps to black!!!  After a nice hiatus from work travel, Scott will be back earning frequent flier miles.  Next up, the big week of birthdays in the Harrell family.  Stay tuned.

That is life in MomZania.

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