Saturday, February 25, 2017

I'm Looking Forward to Summer...The Rain will Get Warmer

“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.”  I believe Dr. Suess may have predicted this winter when he penned the opening line of The Cat in the Hat.

It has been a wet and wild winter here in California.  While we have had a few issues from the water and wind, we have been so much luckier than many others - friends with 5-hour commutes, colleagues with mudslides in their yards, neighbors with downed trees, and all those whose homes were destroyed by the massive flooding.  After years of drought, we are now just hoping the rain will end and end soon.

While the weather has been putting a damper on things, it hasn't slowed us down very much.  Jaley and her good friend are ready to debut their Science Fair Project next week.  Yes, it is every parents "favorite" project of the year.  If you are wondering, you can get a charge from a lemon, but you can't get it to power an iPhone (or at least we couldn't).  Jaley also advanced to Red Belt in Taekwondo.  Just one more belt before Black - what an accomplishment.

Sarah finished basketball and Mick is finishing next week.  They may not be ready for the pros, but it is impressive how much they improved over the season.  Just as winter will turn to spring, basketball will turn to baseball and track in the coming weeks.  

That is getting ahead of myself, this week was Winter Break.  Winter Break is awesome!  The kids and I had the week off of school; while Scott was traveling for work, we had ourselves a "staycation."  I love to travel, but staying home this week was wonderful.  As the rain fell, we went to movies, and ice skating, and go carting.  The kids caught up with friends and I caught up on my to-do list.  I ran into a mom-friend at the library yesterday and she said, "I have never seen you look so unstressed."  I'm not sure what that means about the stress level of my regular vibe, but this week I am feeling pretty relaxed.

This month we also said good bye to our cat, Epy.  She was a stray kitten who joined our family in 2001, just as Scott and I bought our first home.  She was a master of hide and seek - hiding from us and seeking any food anywhere.  We nearly lost her when she ran outside and hid as we loaded the truck to move to California.  After that, she decided never to leave the house again.  She slept most nights right above (or on my head) and had the loudest purr of any cat.  She was skittish of most everything, but when she wasn't hiding, she was in your face convincing you to pet her.

Today, is the regular Saturday drill of kids activities and chores.  Next week, it is back to the regular routine.

That is life in MomZania.

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