Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hurry Up! We're Running Late.

I have a mantra and that mantra is, "Hurry Up! We're running late!"  It doesn't matter where I'm going or what I'm doing, I'm running late in the process.  It wasn't always this way; I was once a timely person.  If an appointment was at 9, I was there at 9 or (gasp) a few minutes early.   That time was a long time ago, dare I say about 13 years ago.

With the arrival of each Harrell baby, I slipped further and further behind.  There were unexpected diaper changes and sippy cups spilling in the car and a zillion other baby things that left me racing to make up time.  We are long past the diapers and sippy cups, but here I am still running late.  Sometimes, I can blame it on the kids - like when we are half-way to school and one of my posse realizes his/her backpack/instrument/lunch/other important item is still sitting on the kitchen counter.  Most times, I don't have the kiddos as an excuse.  I overestimate how quickly I can get out of the house and underestimate how long it will take to get where I'm going.  The perfect recipe for "Hurry Up! We're Running Late."

This week, as daylight saving arrived and we sprang forward, I decided to spring my backside into on-time gear.  How's it going?  Well, I'm batting about 500. (Can tell baseball season has started?) Though I'm not sure if picking a week when you loose an hour is the best week to start trying to be on-time, I'm trying nonetheless.

With Scott out of town and new activities starting, I have ample chance to try. The rain finally stopped and swim lessons started. Fingers crossed this is finally the year, I can sit on a lounge chair at the pool reading a magazine, while the kids splash unaccompanied. Baseball is well underway for Mick and Opening Day scheduled for this Saturday.  Who knew that a) Opening Day of Little League was an all-day affair and b) Opening Day was actually many weeks into the season.  Jaley got a medal at the Science Fair (no worries, everyone got a medal).  Sarah is busy with all the things that middle schoolers do.  If you know exactly what that is, please share.

Best of all this month, my mom came to visit.  As moms often do, she spoiled us. She cooked and made cookies.  She had "Nana time" with the kids, so Scott and I could have a date night.  She even timed her visit to share her birthday with us.  As a gift, I made her hike through miles of sand and cold, windy weather to look at wildlife.  I'm not sure if it was what she wanted, but you can be guaranteed no one else gave her a beach side elephant seal tour.

There is lots more to write, but "Hurry Up! I'm Running Late" to pick up Sarah.  That is life in MomZania.

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