Friday, June 30, 2017

Southeast Sojourn

School released and we escaped for a Southeast Road Trip.  The kids and I headed to DC to check out all the sites.  Next, we headed southeast to see as many family and friends as we could, before catching up with Scott and the extended Harrell tribe for family camp at Callaway Gardens.

We jump started our travels with three days in our nation's capitol.  We filled them full - overfull.   DC is the king of my favorite four-letter word - FREE - and we (I) didn't want to miss any of the sites.    Thanks to our Congresswomen (Yes, we are proudly represented in DC by ALL women), we got passes to the White House, Congress, and even breakfast with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (HINT, ask early on their websites and your Congress people can hook you up, too).  We cruised the whole town on bikes (OK, the bikes weren't free, but it was still a deal) - checking out Ben, George, Abe, and all the other giants.  It was an humbling and awe-inspiring visit.

While our country faces nasty rhetoric from the Left and the Right, touring DC is a wonderful reminder of just how great our country is, how many have made the ultimate scarified to make it such, and the best outcomes usually arise from compromise not conflict.  In fact, maybe some of our nation's leaders should revisit the DC sites to remind themselves of those facts.

We left DC exhausted and with more on the list to see, but the real reason for our trip was family and friends.  We enjoyed a great, but too short visit, with Scott's cousin and Uncle in Richmond, and sent our love to all the other cousins in VA.

Next was three days in NC.  As they say, you can take the girl out of the South, but you can't take the South out of the girl.  That is how it feels every time we visit the Carolinas.  Nana was the bestest hostess.  She fed us, housed us, and spoiled us.  She had special grandma time, while I reconnected with friends from UNC.  We all enjoyed hanging out with the crew from Mintawood Court.

Bidding adieu to NC, we headed south to ATL.  It was short, but sweet.  We visited with my aunt and cousin, had a little (too little) time with Auntie Em before swinging by the airport to pick-up Scott.  The poor guy had to work while we played.  With the Harrell 5 together, we headed to Callaway Gardens for Family Summer Camp.

In honor of Mimi & Poppa's special birthdays this year, they wanted to introduce a new generation to a place they enjoyed for summer vacations when Scott was a kid.  Even with monsoon rain from Tropical Storm Cindy, it didn't disappoint.  There was water skiing and cooking classes.  There was golf for the guys and the spa for the ladies.  They were rope courses and zip lines, biking trails and a 5K.  There was even circus camp for all ages.  It you are wondering when you cross the line as too old to try the trapeze, I think I passed it about three years ago.  I didn't care, I climbed that ladder anyhow - because you don't get to ride the flying trapeze very often.  Our family did get to fly through the air, but let's just say it wasn't with the greatest of ease.  Who cares about the sore muscles, we got to fly on the trapeze!!!

As camp came to a close, it was time for Sarah and I to head home.  Scott went straight to a work conference.  Jaley and Mick extended their travels back to NC to enjoy some private grandparent spoiling from Mimi & Poppa.  

Now everyone is home and our memory bags are very full.  It was an epic start to our summer; going forward it is much more low key.  Puzzles are spread out on the dining room table and the DVR is full of second run movies.  We are ready to test our lazy skills.

That is MomZania.

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