Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Eight Years Old and a Dental Emergency

Mick is 8!  Technically, he turned 8 a couple of weeks ago.  However, the instant communication available in a blog runs about two weeks behind for me.  Like many boys his age, he celebrated with a new (bigger) bike and a Laser Tag party.  What Scott and I celebrated was the end of the car-seat era!  After nearly 14 years, we are driving car-seat-less cars.  There are many things we miss about not having babies anymore, but car-seats and diapers are not on that list.

September also brought a wonderful visit from Nana.  She spoiled all of us and cooked up a feast.  We also used her visit as an excuse to check out some of the local sites we never make time to visit.  Filoli House and Gardens is beautiful year round and so is the Stanford campus.

Mick and I headed out for the National Coastal Clean Up Event.  We picked up (literally) tons of trash along one tiny stretch of Coyote Creek.  In just one day in just our one county, over 55,000 pounds of trash was collected.  It is sad to think of how much trash is wrongly dumped, but it felt good to lend a hand in helping clean it up.

With life running along so smoothly, it was time for an emergency.  On the way to school, Mick fell off his scooter.  It looked like a tiny fall; the type that leads a mom to say, "dust it off."  That is until he looked up at me, with blood streaming down his face and a beautiful tooth sitting on the ground.  Not just any tooth, but a beautifully big, permanent, front tooth!!!  And another beautifully big, permanent, front tooth hanging on by just a thread.  Over the years we have had our share of kid accidents, from broken bones to stitches to some many injuries in between.  Usually, I'm calm as a cucumber, but this one left me on tilt.  I was all alone with a rather toothless child who was bleeding prolifically.  All I had was my bike and a tooth in my hand - no car, no purse, and, most definitely, no cell phone.

Thanks to the amazing kindness of strangers, we got a giant pack of tissues and a  ride home.  We dropped that tooth in a glass of milk and were at the dentist within the hour.  For now, the teeth are splinted back in place.  Cross your fingers and send your prayers that his teeth will heal well.  Only time will tell.

That is life in MomZania.

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