Friday, November 3, 2017

Halloween is Over, Now It's Getting Really Scary

It is that time of year, that time of year that gets very, very scary.  No, it's not Halloween, though the occasional creepy clown can be startling.  With Halloween passed, Christmas is only 51 days away.  That has me very, very scared.

Halloween is the like that moment right before you go flying down a giant water slide.  You have waited in the long line, climbed a million stairs, and you are finally seated in the flume looking down with anticipation.  You know it will be thrilling, you know it will be worth the price of admission, but you also know it is will be a fast, furious ride to the finish.  So hold onto your inner tube, this Holiday Ride is underway.

With the holiday season here, that means the first season of sports is ending.  Jaley finishes basketball this weekend.  It was her first time playing (beyond the surprising competitive family games in the driveway).  In just a few short weeks she went from novice to player.  It is amazing how quickly kids pick up sports.  Fall field hockey is also coming to a close.  There is one more tournament and the girls can retire their sticks until the winter season starts in January.  It was great to watch Sarah and Jaley on the field together.  It was all sibling synergy and no sibling strife - now they just have to carry that over to home.  Flag football would have been finishing up, but Mick's season never got started.  He went from meet the coach to meet the injury roster.  Since my last post, Mick has recovered well.  His teeth are currently cooperating and we have had good reports from the many dentists we have seen.  Hopefully, those permanent teeth will decide that hanging with Mick is a better place than their brief visit on the ground.

With all these activities winding down, you may be worried about what we will do with all that free time.  Never fear, the next round of activities are queueing up.  Sarah made the 8th-grade basketball team.  They already have two decisive wins under their belt.  I signed Mick up for Little League on Wednesday.  Tonight at exactly 6pm, the signups for the middle school play open.  I better be ready.  It may be easier to score tickets to Hamilton than score one of the slots in the school play.

That is life in MomZania.