Sunday, December 10, 2017

Thanksgiving, ThanksMas, & So Much More

Whoever said, "life's a party," must have been following us around recently.  It is two weeks until Christmas, but we have been celebrating for a month already.  Mimi, Poppa, & Auntie Em arrived for a Thanksgiving visit that we fully expanded into a Christmas celebration.  We frolicked in the winter air of Yosemite (though with record high temperatures it felt more like a summer sojourn).  Then, we rolled from turkey and stuffing right into trimming the tree and exchanging gifts.  It was a full-on Harrell ThanksMas and we have the shirts to prove it.

With the arrival of December, the holiday festivities were full-steam ahead.  From ice skating to cookie baking to The Nutcracker, we are speeding our way down the Christmas Party Highway.  There are even more events to come, but I may need to take a power nap to keep up.

Never fear, our festivities have been kept (somewhat) in check by regular life.  There is work and school and homework and sports.  It will all slow down at the end of the month, but right now they are full steam ahead.  Sarah just finished her final season of middle school basketball.  It was great to watch these young ladies improve so much in three short years.  By clinching a spot in the playoffs, they cemented a three-year streak of post-season play.  Jaley signed up for the fun and very hard work of the school play.  Auditions are over and rehearsals have begun.  The kids and parents (due to lots of required volunteer hours) work their backsides off, but the end result is truly impressive.  Mick is getting ready for a hip-hop dance holiday performance.  Scott and I are busy, but with things much less exciting. 

That is life in MomZania.  Happy Holidays!

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