Friday, March 2, 2018

Defying Logic – Having Fun on the Slopes

West Coast students enjoy not only a Christmas/Holiday break and a Spring Break, but the wonderful gift of a Winter Break (aka Ski Week), too.  Yes, a bonus week with no school. So we took that gift, booked cheap tickets on Southwest, and escaped to the Utah slopes for a few days.

Sometimes I wonder why we enjoy skiing.  On the surface, it makes absolutely no sense.  For those who don’t partake in the snow sports, I once heard it described this way.  To experience skiing, go buy a $50 pair of gloves and immediately lose one.  Then, clamp on your most uncomfortable shoes of your life with a metal vice.  Finally, lock yourself in a meat locker for 8 hours and burn $100 bills to stay warm. 

While this description describes skiing perfectly, we keep defying logic and have a great time nonetheless.  This year didn’t disappoint.  We enjoyed 5 days of skiing and snowboarding at Snowbird.  The weather was cold and snowy.  I don’t mean Florida-girl cold, I mean -5 with a -22 wind chill cold.  But with a million layers of clothes, we stayed warm enough to enjoy all that fresh powder on the slopes. 

It was amazing how much the kids improved in just a few days.  Jaley conquered beginner blacks on her snowboard.  Sarah and Mick cruised the mountain from top to bottom clocking in 3000’ of vertical on one run. As for Scott and I, we may not be improving much these days, but at least we aren’t regressing. 

With break over and March upon us, I know it will soon be the spring season. Scott is leaving for Australia tomorrow.  It is the season of travel for him.  He has been on the road a lot this year.  Jaley and Sarah will make their middle school “Broadway” debut next weekend.  It is crunch time for the school play, Honk!, but it will be all worth it when the curtain rises.  Mick is playing for the Oakland A’s.  It is fun for his Little League Mascot to be a hometown team.  Somehow, I got snagged into being the co-team-mom.  Volunteering for kids’ events is becoming a full-time job.  If you are looking for info on Snack Shack tickets or play rehearsal supervision or the School Site Council or Cornerstone reading or the Dodgeball tournament just ask me – I’m currently volunteering at all of them. 

That is life in MomZania.

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